About Us

Our family began using dōTERRA essential oils in 2013, and we quickly fell in love with how simple it was to take care of our family. After experiencing years of side effects from prescriptions that Bailey was taking for her Crohn's Disease, we knew we needed to find a different path for our family's health. Soon after realizing that essential oils had helped our family in so many ways, we decided that it was time to share the love that we had for dōTERRA essential oils!

In just 1 year we reached the rank of Diamond, and in 2 years we entered the top 1/10 of 1% of the company and became Blue Diamonds, and in 2018, just 3.5 years in, we reached the top of our company as Presidential Diamonds.

Now we are on a mission to help others all over the world feel empowered with the most incredible product, company and business opportunity we have ever seen!

Are you sick and tired of feeling like the clock dictates your restroom breaks? Are you ready to not work 12 hours shifts and barely see your family? Are you frustrated by the fact that your hard work benefits someone else, while you're stuck in the wheel of life? Are you ready to work hard, help others, and build a successful business without limits?

If this is you, we want to meet you! We are looking to partner with people all around the world who want to create their own futures while helping other people improve their health. If you feel like we are talking to you please click here to fill out a form & we will be in touch soon to see what dōTERRA can do for you!

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